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to the family are fitting in fine and love america. >> it's cool. and water that you need, you have. you can have. >> reporter: the family started the adoption process four years ago and after the earthquake they lost all hope of getting their children home from haiti. >> i had given up. i didn't understand it but i thought it's not going to happen now. >> reporter: but they've beaten the odds and now all four children at their home in holton, kansas, enjoying their new clothes, american food and even a new guitar. >> reporter: a family friend was a missionary at the orphanage in haiti. she was by the children's side the entire time after the horrific earthquake. >> the whole first night nobody slept, just sang all night long. they sang their songs in creole just praying to god for mercy and to protect them. even the little girl and the little boy, were just like this all night, just singing and praying. >> reporter: blondie, the oldest of the four, says people in america are nice and he hopes they will reach out to his home country in this crucial time of need. >> they are loving people. i
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, talking about how to bring jobs back to you in america and the president is bringing his message to our city. >> about a year ago the president stopped in baltimore where he spoke to about 40,000 at 1 memorial plaza. >> today he will be speaking with house republicans during their second day of a three-day retreat here in baltimore. he will tour a factory in baltimore late this morning then address the gop house lawmakers. he plans to announce today specifics of his jobs plan, including a proposed $5,000 tax credit for small businesses for each new employee they hire in 2010. some leading republicans say they believe there an opportunity for the administration democrats and republicans to find ways to work together. the president says he just wants a solution to the problem. >> what we can't do, though, here's what i'm not open to. i don't want gridlock on issue after issue when there's so many urgent problems to solve. [ applause ] and i don't want an attitude, if obama loses then we win >> he put aside high speed rail and maryland will receive $70 million of that money. now ahead in o
be truly irresponsible for us, america, to send prisoners of war we hold now at guantanamo back to yemen. >> reporter: the white house says once the facility closes some yemeni detainees will return there. the administration says it's working with that nation's government to assure americans' safety. >>> 5:04. new rules are going in place now when you fly within the u.s. when you fly into the u.s. just yesterday a man slipped through security at newark airport up in new jersey and police are looking for him this morning. they still haven't found him. authorities say the man walked through a screening checkpoint exit, into the secure side of the continental terminal. police are looking at surveillance tapes to try to identify the man. airline passengers are boarding again this morning after flights were grounded for most of the day yesterday. so, the transportation security administration is getting ready for more patdowns, questions, random checks, it's all a result of the failed christmas day terrorist attack aboard a u.s. airliner in michigan. sherrie johnson live with what we will fa
poll numbers and his popularity has fallen. also stay close to good morning america at 7:00 for more on chris dodd leaving the senate. >>> it appears that senator dodd isn't the only democrat, senator byron of north dakota will have served 18 years in the senate, 12 in the house when he steps down this fall, and -- yesterday. governor bill ritter of colorado was in for a tough reelection canceled the fund raiser and has decided not to seek re-election. it is looking like a tough political landscape the next couple of months. >>> a congressional rematch in maryland's first district. republican state senator, andy harris lost a tough race to frank back in 2008, but now harris announced he is giving it another shot. richard davis has said he is running again. and immediately took aim at president obama's plan for r health care reform. >> president obama and had his droughted campaign talked about how to invite everyone in, you know it was going to be the end of partisan without a single republican vote next month. that's not biport bipartisanship, that's what is going on. we have to go
for you this morning, along with good morning america at 7:00. >>> she tipped the scales at nearly 300 pounds. >> doctors told her if things didn't change she would die. >> that was the day i decided to do something. >> we're going to share the story of how this woman shed over 100 pounds. >>> although the ravens football season is over, expect to see more of michael oehr. we'll tell you about that. >> 5:04 we're looking outside right now. i mentioned that we have a band of light rain, even sleet pellets mixed in on the south side of the city. not expecting too much of a problem out there. we'll have to watch the bridges and overpasses which could get slippery. be careful on the south side this morning. otherwise, we're looking at skies that should turn partly sunny this afternoon. much cooler this afternoon. let's go to the mta and see what mark jones has. >> for your commute start, slippery conditions slowing buses up a bit. do allow extra time for travel if you travel by bus. number 16 and 64, those buses are taking a diversion at patapsco and temp. number 1 bus and the number 64 wi
it. and that nation is...america. a nation of dreamers, try-harders, doers. try doing this with roquefort. it's made with milk, never oil like some other slices. it is the culmination of the american dream, all wrapped up in individual slices. kraft singles. the american cheese. >>> sad news out of philly this morning. teddy pendergrass who told us to turn out the lights in the 70s and 80s has died. teddy's son says his father underwent colon cancer surgery months ago and had a difficult recovery. in 1992 he had a spinal cord injury but man, did he give us many hits. teddy pendergrass, gone at the age of 59. >>> dexter actor michael c. hall has revealed to us he's been battled cancer but he's almost finished with the treatment and the disease is in remission. the 38th-year-old was diagnosed with hodgkin's and says it's treatable. he plans to attend sunday's golden globes and the screen actors guild awards since he was nominated in the big shows. >>> this man you see right here, wyclef john has been tweeting about the earthquake and helping with e. -- efforts. others in
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8